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Technical Assistance Policy,  Exchanges and Returns

In order to ensure greater transparency in the sales made by Aquários Sobrinho, our Exchanges and Returns Policy follows the rules of the Consumer Defense Code (CDC)  and is detailed below to ensure your  customers a satisfactory purchase and a quality sales service.

Shipping of Aquários Sobrinho products

In purchases via the internet or telephone that are agreed for outsourced delivery at the customer's home or at another address chosen by the customer, the responsibility of the  Aquários Sobrinho is to send the product according to the specifications agreed with the client (in relation to shipping method and costs) and ensure that it arrives exactly what the client asked for.

When the delivery service is outsourced by Aquários Sobrinho (via the post office or carriers, for example),  the contracted delivery company assumes all responsibility for delivering the product without damage to the customer. In this case, Aquários Sobrinho is responsible for any and all possible problems until the delivery of the agreed address.  

In the case of sending by Correios, the Declared Value fee will ALWAYS be added to the Courier in shipping charges. This is the insurance that Correios requires to reimburse  fully in case of loss, theft, damage or breakdown.  

In the case of delivery of products to third parties contracted by the customer , the  The responsibility of Aquários Sobrinho ends when the products are delivered to the third party who must check the product , including whether the products are in accordance with the purchase or if they exist  defects or failures,  as per the customer's instructions. All responsibility for transportation is the responsibility of that third party hired by the customer.  

Receipt of products by the customer

The act of signing the delivery receipt by the contracting company explains the condition that:

  1. The customer received the products as requested in relation to:

    • Quantity of products​​ ;

    • Product specifications;

  2. The products and/or packaging did not suffer damage as a result of inadequate transport.

If the customer is not  the person responsible for receiving the order, it is necessary that he advise the person responsible for receiving the order on what should be checked. Aquários Sobrinho is open in its communication channels  to help you with how to proceed with the receipt of your order.  

If the order is received without checking the equipment, Aquários Sobrinho is exempt from liability in the event of damage or malfunctions  during transport. Outsourced delivery companies do not accept claims for problems involving damage or damage after receiving the goods. The customer must assert their duty to check the product sent in order to have their right safeguarded. In any case, Aquários Sobrinho is open to try to solve problems satisfactorily whenever possible.  

In case of inconsistency in delivery

If the order is outside of what was requested during the purchase process, the customer simply refuses receipt, justifying the reason for refusal to the delivery person. The delivery company will return the order without any problem. The customer must notify Aquários Sobrinho of any inconsistency in the delivery immediately through their  communication channels .  

Aquários Sobrinho is always willing to seek the best possible solution for this type of problem. We work with the strict conferencing system for shipping orders and we do not have any cases of orders with products purchased in short supply.

In case of damage or breakdown in delivery

Due to the dimensions of most equipment, Aquários Sobrinho ships its large equipment in wooden screwed boxes so that the product is protected from the most severe impacts and also uses several impact absorbing materials to minimize the amount of damage or damage during transport . THE  A wooden box, like any other box, does not protect the equipment against falls from considerable heights during transport. Even if the equipment is properly protected, damage and damage can occur.  

After checking the equipment and noticeable damage or damage, inform the delivery person at the time of delivery that he will return the product to Aquários Sobrinho. The customer must notify Aquários Sobrinho in our service channels about the damage so that we can solve the problem.  

In case of damage or malfunction of the order in the  transport that was not noticed during delivery, it is necessary to communicate to Aquários Sobrinho in its service channels so that we can seek a solution that is beneficial to both parties.

The policies of delivery companies contracted by Aquários Sobrinho

Aquários Sobrinho hires two companies to deliver:  The Post Office and Jamef . Both companies have their operating policies  and tracking. Our customers are advised on how to track their orders.  

As the responsibility for the order until the act of delivery is the responsibility of Aquários Sobrinho, the customer only  must confirm the integrity of the order upon delivery and communicate to Aquários Sobrinho in its communication channels any problem related to the delivery.

In case of damage or breakdown during transport, the  Correios or Jamef will carry out their internal investigation to determine the reasons for the damage or damage to the order. The investigation deadline is determined by the responsible company.  

As soon as the responsible delivery company notifies Aquários Sobrinho about the problems in the delivery, we will take the appropriate measures to  

From the warranty of Aquários Sobrinho products

According to the CDC, non-durable products have a 30-day warranty and durable products have a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects that prevent them from working.

This warranty does not cover customer misuse that is caused by  and not seed to what is in the following list:

  1. Use outside of the product's stated specifications;

  2. Deliberate or accidental damage;

  3. Problems arising from the electrical installation of the house (when applicable);

Aquários Sobrinho is responsible for verifying through its technical assistance if the malfunction is due to manufacturing error, defect of some component or improper use. The deadline for investigation is 15 days from the date of notification of equipment malfunctions.

Technical assistance  of Nephew Aquariums

The technical assistance of Aquários Sobrinho is offered by itself from Monday to  friday  from 8 am to 5 pm, Brasilia time.  Hours outside business hours can be scheduled in advance considering availability  of Nephew Aquariums.

The customer must contact Aquários Sobrinho in their communication channels or come to our address so that we can start providing technical assistance.

Most problems can be resolved remotely and the customer must seek Aquários Sobrinho in their service channels to communicate the problem. Aquários Sobrinho will try to solve the problem remotely through guidance by email or telephone call, regardless of the origin or cause of the problem. If Aquários Sobrinho's technical assistance judges that the problem is a design or manufacturing defect, they will have the equipment removed if there is no simpler solution.  

Technical assistance may  be performed by third parties, if and only if, previously authorized by Aquários Sobrinho.

The right to withdraw or regret the purchase

For purchases outside our place of service, CDC guarantees that the consumer has the right to withdraw and return the product free of charge within 7 days of receipt. After receiving the goods, the consumer is the one who ensures the integrity of the product that needs to be returned without any damage or damage or any other change that prevents it from being marketed again as new by  Nephew Aquariums.

The customer must communicate, within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt of the product registered by the company responsible for the delivery, to Aquários Sobrinho, in our  service channels , who gave up on your purchase.

The right of withdrawal expires when:

  1. The product is  altered, damaged or has  its seal broken;

  2. If there are signs of use;

  3. The product is returned out of its original packaging without all its accessories;

Aquários Sobrinho retains the right of 15 days  for technical assistance to assess the integrity of the returned equipment and reimburse the full amount to the customer.  

If the product is returned, but the inspection of the  Aquários Sobrinho technical assistance find the presence of alterations, damages or breakdowns  or there are signs of use or it is not in its original packaging with all its accessories, the right guaranteed by the CDC is nullified. In this case, the customer is responsible for compensating  to Aquários Sobrinho for the cost of shipping the product and also for the withdrawal or shipping costs of the product.  

Guidelines to maximize the satisfaction of purchasing Aquários Sobrinho products

So that the customer does not have any problems with their purchase of Aquários Sobrinho products and services is recommended  that the customer clear all their doubts about the product before the purchase is made. We are always available in our  service channels to get all the smallest details right.  

For the customer to have no problems with their purchase, the considerations below are important:

  1. All of Aquários Sobrinho's equipment and products are handcrafted and handcrafted and therefore can vary considerably in visual appearance. Changing the appearance of our products does not alter their function or quality.

  2. Our equipment is made according to specifications decided in conjunction with the customer, which often makes the equipment usable only by that specific customer. 

  3. Some equipment is large and heavy, the customer must think about the logistics after delivery. Some equipment needs to pass through tight spaces such as alleys, stairs, or enter furniture with narrow openings. Clear all doubts about installing the product before purchase.

  4. High power electrical equipment can overload the house's electrical network or damage the product. 

  5. Aquários Sobrinho does not manufacture the submerged pumps it uses in its equipment, so their warranty terms are the manufacturer's warranties. In case of a problem with the pumps, we just forward it to the manufacturer for assistance.

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